Centralising and Integrating Data to Promote Indigenous Peoples Territories

Centralising and Integrating Data to Promote Indigenous Peoples Territories

Koha, Minahasa – The Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN) held a focussed yet relaxed workshop at the Yosep Wanua Koha Building, Minahasa Regency, on Wednesday 14 March 2018 to discuss its integrated data centre and monitoring system application, both of which will encourage the process of customary territory recognition and improve the work performance of both AMAN organisation and AMAN cadres.

Guest speaker Idaman Andarmosoko, an information management and knowledge management facilitator, encouraged a relaxed atmosphere in the workshop as he showed his accompanying presentation using a projector screen.

In his presentation on the theme “Information, Knowledge Change and Organisational Challenges,” Andarmosoko sought to explore AMAN organization’s work challenges in terms of data, information and knowledge.

Andarmosoko further explained the framework is precisely aimed at understanding, without separating, the concepts of data, information, knowledge, technology and media. These aspects if integrated will be able to meet the challenges of indigenous advocacy work as conducted by AMAN the organisation.

He hopes AMAN gets an early start on improving its ability to manage data, information, knowledge and technology within its organisational corridors.

Meanwhile, the participants of the workshop responded well to Andarmosoko’s presence, resulting in an interactive dialogue.

Earlier in the workshop Eustobio Rero Renggi, Deputy I of AMAN, had said the thematic discussions aimed to enable indigenous peoples to include complete data for profiles, economic potential within the community, and tenurial and natural resource conflicts so that AMAN can be fast, responsive, and active in serving indigenous communities.

“When speaking of data or profiles, many indigenous peoples do not write down the details of their own profiles, such as history, customary territory, law enforcement in communities, and boundaries of customary territories,” he said.

In addition, the integration of this data also aims to facilitate the work of the AMAN organisation at every level by providing a source of organised information and also assisting the government in collecting data on the existence of Indigenous Peoples in the archipelago.


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